Stress And Blood Pressure

Do you know the links between stress and blood pressure? Chronic (continual) stress actually causes your body to go into overdrive on and off all day for weeks or months at a time. Even though you are aware of the fact that stress increases your tension levels and decreases your endorphins, it’s hard to accept… Continue reading Stress And Blood Pressure

Explain Hypertension

Do you wonder what the best way to explain hypertension is? There are actually a lot of different ways that can be used. Depending on the doctor you go to, there might be several different types of hypertension. For example, some doctors call it hypertension, but they also may refer to it as angina pectoris.… Continue reading Explain Hypertension

Quickly Lower BP

For many years, people looking for natural ways to quickly lower BP (blood pressure) have often turned their eyes to acupuncture. Despite its popularity and wide range of effectiveness, acupuncture is often not recommended as a way to reduce high blood pressure. Why? Because there is no pharmaceutical ingredient used in acupuncture; the needles only… Continue reading Quickly Lower BP

High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy

Blood pressure is affected by lifestyle and environmental factors. You can make a difference by making changes to your current lifestyle. There is a high blood pressure natural remedy for you. Lifestyle changes that directly affect your hypertension include your diet, physical activity, and stress. In addition, other high blood pressure natural remedies involve diet… Continue reading High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy

Fast Blood Pressure Lowering

High blood pressure is a medical condition that can be controlled by making changes in lifestyle. It is also known as hypertension. It is the maximum blood pressure attained during an overnight stay in the bed, regardless of any exertion. Fast blood pressure lowering, otherwise called hypertension prevention, is an important component of effective treatment… Continue reading Fast Blood Pressure Lowering